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Wonderment Rainbow Silks and Spinners
Board of Directors
Hayfield Guard
GICG faired very well in the Season 110 World Guard Championships. GICG had two guards in division one, two guards in division two, and four guards in division three to reach the finals! GREAT job everyone!!

Congratulations are in order for the season 110 League Grand Champions in each division!

In Divisions 3 the Renegades CG had a great run and won the championship with a score of 68.200.

In Division 2 the Hayfield Guard continued their winning championship ways this season with a score of 80.270.

In Division 1 the Windermere Rainbow Silks an Spinners claimed the championship with a score of 99.840.

CONRATS again to all our winners. Everyone have a great run in the FMA Season 110 Grand Championships!!
About Guys In Color Guard
League is open to all color guards. Created to provide a fair and competitive league where all can grow the sport of guards. League has a philosophy that the inclusion of everyone is paramount. The league is one where everyone will have a say in how the group will evolve going forward. If you believe in these ideals, then please come and join our league and have some fun.

Congratulations to our very own Hayfield Guard on their Div III Grand Championship in their first season ever!!
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