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Welcome to MPC! Good luck in Season 119!

Congratulations to our S118 Champions!
D1: Enigma Indoor - The Desert of the Real (89.185)
D2: ⚡️Thunder⚡️ - Pioneering Precipice (82.610)
D3: Colorado River Rhythm - Caged (55.525)
About Midwest Percussion Cooperative
Established S117. This is the Midwest Percussion Cooperative, based on the MWCGC. We welcome all groups regardless of location and hope to provide a place to grow. If you wish to be part of MPC, Please send a message to any member of our Board of Directors.

Historic MPC Champions
S118: Enigma Indoor - The Desert of the Real (89.185)
S117: Bayside Percussion Ensemble - Sounds of the Sea (79.055)
February 5th
MPC Milwaukee
February 7th
MPC Indianapolis
February 11th
FMA Chicago Regional
February 15th
MPC Chicago
February 21st
MPC Dayton
February 28th
MPC Prelims
February 29th
MPC Division Finals

Recent Activity
The Truth has reached level 14
1 hour ago
The Truth has reached level 13
3 days ago
Enigma Indoor has reached level 93
3 days ago
⚡️Thunder⚡️ has reached level 66
3 days ago
The Truth has reached level 12
6 days ago
EMC Drummers has reached level 3
7 days ago