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the most winning-est league in FMA!!
CLASS-Corps League Association for Superior Sight and Sound is a group of corps who strive to be among the most competitive and the elite of the fantasy marching arts activity. CLASS spans several competitive circuits include FMA, DCPI, Drumlines.org and previously FDCI and VCL. There is not a minimum placement to join, but the desire and determination to make fantasy arts bigger and better and to increase your corps activity and creativity! Contact founder and Chairman gcurrier for more information.
August 17th
CLASS Kickoff
August 21st
Celebration of Sound
August 27th
Crimson Showcase X
August 30th
Eastern CLASSic
September 1st
FMA Columbia
September 13th
CLASS Preliminaries
September 15th
CLASS Semifinals
September 16th
CLASS World Championship

D1 Aftershock NZ  129
D1 Atlantic Clarinet Choir  144
D1 Bluegrass Regiment  118
D1 Canada Corps  97
D1 Continuum  150
D1 Each1Teach1  106
D1 Kansas City Crown  56
D1 Leviathan  124
D1 Lexington Legends  150
D1 Quiksilver  128
D1 The Blue Demons  77
D1 The Holy Regiment  113
D1 West Texas Thunder  89
D1 Wonderment Rainbow Cavaliers  98
D2 Battle Standards  41
D2 Boston Drum and Bugle Corps  67
D2 Red Lightning Regiment  53
D2 Spirit of Bucktown  52
D2 The Holy Regiment B  75
D3 Brahman Regiment  28
D3 Crimson Knights  32
D3 Crystal Lake Drum & Bugle Corps  10
D3 Pentagram City Drum Corps  14
D3 Shadow Warriors DBC  9
D3 The Red Crusaders  33
N/A -  1
N/A Akron Mercy  6
N/A Anaheim Knights  61
N/A Appliance Drum and Bugle Corps  95
N/A Arizona King  44
N/A Augusta Greencoats  56
N/A Avalier Academy  25
N/A Avery Regiment  70
N/A Banditos  48
N/A BKK  28
N/A Black Gold  24
N/A Black Mambas  86
N/A Blaze Regiment  23
N/A Blue Devils  13
N/A blue horns  48
N/A Blue Ridge Sound of The Mountains  9
N/A Bluecoats  132
N/A BlueCoats  2
N/A Bluegrass Brass  34
N/A browns  9
N/A Cadets of Blue  107
N/A capital pride drum and bugle corps  16
N/A Capital Region Bugle Corps  37
N/A Capitol Regiment  38
N/A Carolina Crown  7
N/A Carolina Royals  150
N/A caroling cron  14
N/A Cedar Sound  40
N/A Central Sounds  54
N/A Chicago Wind  53
N/A Chipley Vanguard  120
N/A Clanta Vara Sanguard  17
N/A Coastal Breakers  3
N/A Company X Drum and Bugle Corps  15
N/A Corps IBEX  150
N/A Cresent Valley  67
N/A Crown Knights  44
N/A CrownCoat Devils Vanguard  1
N/A Cul-de-sac Cadets  87
N/A Dragon Regiment  13
N/A Dragons Ascendants  5
N/A Eagle Regiment  73
N/A Epic  99
N/A Evolution  15
N/A Falcon Regiment  70
N/A Ferox  68
N/A Firebirds Drum and Bugle Corps.  28
N/A Firestorm  39
N/A First Legion  91
N/A Fixed Arrow  66
N/A Flaming Croutons  1
N/A Flash  32
N/A Flower Mound Drum & Bugle Corps  23
N/A Galaxy Regiment  75
N/A Ghost Corps  37
N/A Glass City Sound  28
N/A Gold Coast Drum and Bugle Corps  57
N/A Gold Knights  11
N/A Gold Knights  3
N/A Golden Knights  20
N/A Graffiti  86
N/A Great Lakes Sound Drum and Bugle Corps  43
N/A Green Crusaders  23
N/A Green Dragons  39
N/A Greenville Cadets  51
N/A Guardians of the Northwest  15
N/A Gulf Breeze Soundwave  19
N/A Gulfcoast Sound  36
N/A Harrison Central Drum Corps  7
N/A Hogan Regiment  50
N/A Immortals  66
N/A Indiana Regiment  51
N/A Infamous Legion  89
N/A Inferno Crusaders  10
N/A Invictus  56
N/A Iron Brigade  39
N/A Iron Corps  12
N/A Ivory Brigade  75
N/A Kilties Drum And Bugle Corps  34
N/A Lexington Legends  33
N/A Lioneer  17
N/A Lone Star Cadets  17
N/A Lone Star Crusaders  33
N/A Lone Stars  66
N/A Magic  36
N/A Marine Corps  115
N/A Marshall’s  23
N/A Masked Raiders  18
N/A Midland Valley Redcoats  148
N/A Minneapolis Regiment  54
N/A Minnesota Vampires  23
N/A Modern Antic  59
N/A Nastalgia Cadets  67
N/A Neuhádneš  22
N/A New Brunwick Knights  4
N/A New Star of Indiana  104
N/A NIWA Drum & Bugle Corps  77
N/A No Woodwind Archers  11
N/A Nobleman  27
N/A North Ridge Scouts  37
N/A North Shore Regiment  50
N/A Northstar Regiment  112
N/A Ohio Brass  69
N/A Ohio Thunder  46
N/A Oregon Woodsmen  10
N/A Paoli Regiment  23
N/A Phoenix Regiment  11
N/A Pincet varuilli  2
N/A Pirate Regiment  11
N/A Platinum Regiment  60
N/A Pogger Cadets  21
N/A Poteet Somalian Pirates  34
N/A Pride of Infinite Drum and Bugle Corp  22
N/A Pride of Peachtree  120
N/A Pure Insanity  84
N/A R's Regiment  71
N/A Re:Sound Collective  102
N/A Reaper's Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps  1
N/A Red Angels Drum and Bugle Corps  21
N/A Red Devils Drum and Bugle Corps  6
N/A Red Drums  2
N/A Red Hand  85
N/A Red Knights  6
N/A Redcoats  47
N/A Redcoats  68
N/A Regal Regiment  125
N/A Regimental Blue  56
N/A Renegade  22
N/A Revolution  30
N/A River City Regiment  30
N/A Royal Blue Ocean  12
N/A Royal Knights  23
N/A San Benito Vanguard  27
N/A Sanctum  8
N/A Santa Clara Vanguard  44
N/A Sapphire Sound  65
N/A Sapphire Vanguard  76
N/A Sapphire Vanguard B  25
N/A Saturn  3
N/A Scarlet Regiment  56
N/A Silent Knights  2
N/A Silver Lights Drum Corps  15
N/A Southern Sound Drum and Bugle Corp  1
N/A Spartans  5
N/A Speedway  36
N/A Spirit of Indiana  37
N/A Spirit of Wyoming  3
N/A Splice Drum & Bugle Corps  7
N/A Staccatos  6
N/A Star of Indianapolis  125
N/A Star of Northwest Indiana  55
N/A Starlight Regiment  64
N/A Starlights Drum and Bugle Corps  52
N/A Storm Drum and Bugle Corps  3
N/A Swiss Regiment Cadets  8
N/A Synecdoche  55
N/A Texas Stars  8
N/A The Alexandria Vanguard  42
N/A The Bluemen Drum and Bugle Corps  5
N/A The Burning Shadows  26
N/A The Cadet Jr  51
N/A The Champion Regiment  13
N/A The Conservatoire Drum and Bugle Corps  6
N/A The Couchaliers  31
N/A The Four Eyes Drum Corp  3
N/A The Goldcoats  69
N/A The Golden Cohort  38
N/A The Golden Knights  92
N/A The Holy Name Captains  57
N/A The Mist  39
N/A The Orlando Stars  29
N/A The Patriots  16
N/A The Ragin' Cajuns  1
N/A The Rangers Drum and Bugle Corps  13
N/A The Red Line Regiment  50
N/A The Southern Journeymen  2
N/A The Texas Regiment  1
N/A The Tullahoma Azure Force  137
N/A The Wave  3
N/A The White Wolves  6
N/A Thunder  54
N/A Thunder Regiment  20
N/A unstoppable  55
N/A Vegas Crusaders  20
N/A Vemix Vanguard  63
N/A Vincent Storm  123
N/A Warriors  23
N/A West Lilacs  10
N/A White Star  85
N/A WhiteJackets  12
N/A Wolverines  70
N/A X Brigade  52
N/A Yellowcoats Drum and Bugle Corps  95
N/A Yukon Gold  71
Recent Activity
The Holy Regiment B has reached level 75
2 days ago
Pentagram City Drum Corps has reached level 14
2 days ago
Quiksilver has reached level 128
4 days ago
Spirit of Bucktown has reached level 52
5 days ago
Pentagram City Drum Corps has reached level 13
7 days ago
Battle Standards has reached level 41
1 week ago