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The Royal Spades Drum and Bugle Corps
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Welcome to the Regal Kingdom Drum Corps League

New Forum Chat:
Hey everyone. Jackson (Kopar199) has created a forum for this league so y'all can talk to us about your questions, comments, or concerns about the league. Please, feel free to post something to this forum and we will answer you as soon as we can! I am putting a temporary link to it as our website.

Season 40 News:
First off, I would like everyone to give a warm welcome to Kopar199, our newest member on the board of directors! He is ready to help us grow this league to a new level.

As you probably noticed, the schedule is looking somewhat incomplete. Do not worry, the schedule should be complete by Thursday. However this league running a bit low on financial matters so there won't be very many other events added. You guys can help us with this! We need as many of you to sign up for our events as possible. That way in the future, we can hold bigger events and more of them! Let's all help each other and help this league!

Finally, we here at REGAL would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday! And remember, brush your teeth, eat your vegetables, and stay classy!

Season Finals:
Congratulations to Jags from Division 3 for making finals this season with a semi-finals score of 73.160! Good luck at finals! Although Jags was the only group to make finals this season, we have quite a few other groups that placed really well in semi-finals!

Division 2
-The Royal Spades Drum and Bugle Corp (17th - 75.125)
- Star of Indianapolis (19th - 73.815)
- Rangers Drum and Bugle Corp (28th - 69.415)

Division 3
- Jags (4th - 73.160)
- The Blue Crossmen (17th - 63.225)
- The Gatekeepers (24th - 58.695)

Congratulations to every group this season in their competitions! Next season is season 40 so let's make it a great one REGAL!

Are set up! I have some money to spare if you guys need me to schedule another event, just let me know. Otherwise everything is finalized. Love you guys!

Board of Directors:
Regal is looking for active and dedicated members to serve on the board of directors and help with recruitment efforts. Anybody interested should message me (mikeoleary). Thank you all for your commitment to REGAL.

The league is growing and has passed the 50 member mark. Considering how large drum corps leagues have become and how competitive they are in general, I consider this a huge achievement. Thanks for being a part of the family!

The above was written by Michael (mikeoleary) and Paul (farmer98)

Last updated: 12/23/14 12:01 PM Central Standard Time ( 1:01 PM Server time)
About The Regal Kingdom Drum Corps League
Sister league to the award winning Royal Kingdom Percussion League, REGAL is based on achieving the goal of a close and active group of ensembles striving to improve and excel to the best of their ability, while simultaneously maintaining and upholding the spirit of class, respect and Legacy. All are welcome and all will be accepted.

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