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Good luck to everyone this season! It's our Sixth season as a league!

We are still actively recruiting new members! We'd love to have you in HOPE, please shoot me (Dreems2) A DM and I will happily have you join! It's never too late to pick the right league!
About Harmonic Outdoor Performance Ensembles
Welcome to the newest marching band league! HOPE! Founded in season 111, on 2/22/23.

Congratulations to ALL who performed at HOPE finals this season!! We are super excited to announce our overall winners!

1st: Lonestar Symphony
2nd: Marching Band
3rd: Pentium Outdoor Performance Ensemble



HOPE Historic Overall Winners!
S111: Lake Orion High School Dragon Marching Band
S112: Lake Orion High School Dragon Marching Band
S113: Lake Orion High School Dragon Marching Band
S114: Marching Band
S115: Marching Band
S116: Marching Band
S117: Lonestar Symphony

Recent Activity
Pentium Outdoor Performance Ensemble has reached level 65
6 days ago
Lonestar Symphony has reached level 69
7 days ago