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Game Guide
Schedule Overview

One season of Fantasy Marching Arts is exactly 6 weeks long, with one pre-season week, 4 regular season weeks, and 1 finals week. Every season follows the same format:

  • Pre-Season - group begin hosting events, auditions and show design, beginning rehearsals, etc.
  • Regular Season - competitions will occur on all or most days
  • Prelims - there is one Prelims event for each group type/division combination (12 total events). The top 50% move on to Semifinals.
  • Semifinals - top 12 move on to championship finals.
  • Finals - top 12 compete for final placement.

There are also Regional Events hosted by Fantasy Marching Arts during the regular season. These events hold 50 performing groups and are on a first-come first-served basis. You can instantly join these competitions without waiting to be confirmed. Keep an eye out for them!