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Game Guide

If you read the Overview & Terminology page, you already know a little bit about influence and what it does. Influence has two main purposes:

  • Increases the amount of audition points you get at the beginning of each season
  • Increases the number of attendees that come to see you perform, increasing your value to event hosts

As stated on the Auditioning Performers page of the game guide, every group starts with a minimum of 300 audition points. For every 100 influence you gain over 3,000, you will earn 10 more points. For example, a group with 3,900 influence would have 390 points to spend.

Event hosts will be looking to get the highest influence groups to perform at their shows. Having a high influence will often make it easier for you to get into events.

Getting More Influence

You can get more influence from the following:

  • Gaining a Director Level
  • Learning the Prominence Director Skill
  • Starting a Promotional Campaign
  • Performing at a regular season event
  • Performing in a finals event