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Game Guide
Quick Start - Overview & Terminology

When you have finished creating a group, a bunch of stuff appears on your Director Console. Here are some quick explanations about what you'll see:

  • Director Level - this is a measure of your experience and expertise with this type of group. You gain levels by rehearsing your group and gaining Experience (see below). Gaining levels gives you access to Director Skills, additional influence, and other perks.
  • Experience - points that accumulate as you rehearse. They allow you to gain a Director Level when you reach a certain amount.
  • Energy - allows you to perform rehearsal actions. Every group starts with 600 maximum energy. As you rehearse your energy will decrease, but it is replenished by 100 every hour.
  • Money - just like the real world, everything costs money! Money is used to hire and train staff members, as well as host events. You can set up fundraising campaigns to help raise more money.
  • Influence - a measure of your group's status in the FMA world. Higher influence attracts better performers for your auditions, and brings more fans to shows where you perform. You can set up promotional campaigns to help increase your influence.
  • Skill Points - allows you to customize your group by giving them special abilities and "buffs". Skills points are attained by gaining levels. Some skills cost more points than others, and some require a certain Director Level to learn.
  • Stat Points - represents how you've chosen to rehearse your group. These do not show up on your Director Console, but appear on a blue bar when you go to the rehearsal, staff, or skill points pages. Every rehearsal action you make gives you stat points in a certain score caption. You can read more about these in the Rehearsal page of the Game Guide.
  • Staff - the staff members of your group. Hiring staff members adds bulk amounts of Stat Points to your group. The number of stat points they add can be increased by ranking them up using more money.
  • Division - each type of group (drum corps, band, etc.) is further broken into Divisions. There are three divisions for each group type. Sometime during the Pre-Season week of each season, each group will be assigned a division based on their current and past performance. As a group gets better, it will move into higher divisions.

It should be noted that all of the above are carried over from season to season with the exception of Stat Points and Divisions.