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Game Guide
Auditioning Performers

Fantasy Marching Arts is set up like most drum corps and independent guards/drumlines where potential members audition before each season. Therefore, there are two scenarios in FMA when a player will have to audition performers: when they create a new group and when a new season is about to begin.

On the Audition Performers page, each score caption for a particular type of group is represented by a slider bar. You can move these slider bars to set your group's starting strengths and weaknesses. Any value you choose for a particular caption is added to your Stat Points for that caption. For example if you choose 40 points for Music Ensemble, you will start with an extra 40 Music Ensemble stat points.

Getting More Audition Points

To get more points to spend on this page, you must gain influence. Every group has a minimum of 300 points to spend. For every 100 influence you gain over 3,000, you will earn 10 more points. For example, a group with 3,900 influence would have 390 points to spend.